We're partnering with local artists to create matching shirts for the entire family with the goal to inspire youth and spread a little more love in the world.

Teach Peace set

In a world that can seem chaotic, one of our missions at Twinsies Rock is to do good and help build more bonds within families. We're so excited to share our newest collection of original shirts that aspire to inspire: The Teach Peace Collection by TwinsiesRockxQQ. Featuring the meaningful artistry of Quyen's Quill. 

Our team fell in love with the meaning and the art behind this creation. We have 2 styles - the black Teach Peace with wings collection, and the white Teach Peace with rays collection. There are sizes and styles for everyone in your crew - so check it out and let us know what you think.

Meet the Artist: Quyen's Quill

When Quyen isn't busy spreading positive messages and leading creative works at an award-winning girls school in Los Angeles, she creates beautiful calligraphic pieces and illustrative reflections.  Check out her work

Quynh's Quill

In her own words: the artist's inspiration

We asked Quyen to share with us the story behind the Teach Peace design. It was a journey that brought home a message that we need to share more with our kids. 

Last summer I went on a three-week backpacking pilgrimage through Spain and Italy. This included several days on the Camino de Santiago as well as several towns following the footsteps Ignatius of Loyola. To say that the trip was transformational is an understatement.

One of the towns we visited along the way was Manresa. Located in the geographic center of the Catalonia region in Spain outside of Barcelona, I found myself charmed by the diversity of cultural and historic expression. Here in this unassuming small city was a rich intersection of art, nature, medieval remnants, spirituality, and so much more. I was also surprised to learn of the political tensions in the area, and subsequently found that much of the street art reflected this. There were murals of children and beautiful landscapes, but even more notably militaristic, feminist, and provocative illustrations that often left space for more questions than answers.


As we walked through the streets I came across a small phrase painted onto the side of a wall outside of a small convenience store: Teach Peace. I had been into hand lettering for some time, yet had not seen the “eac” portion of the words combined in this way before. I took a quick photo on my phone, and was on my way.

When I came home, my intent was to create lettering and illustrative reflections of my experience. More than any other art form, hand lettering touches a place deep within me that somehow I am not able to access otherwise. I did not know where the reflections would take me, only that I felt a keen desire to explore them artistically. “Teach Peace” would be the first of these. In sketching out the letters, a question surfaced: “How would I teach peace, in my own way?” An inspiration of wings ensued, and here we are.

I hope that in sharing this message, we can share and learn from one another our so many varied ways of building a true peace among all of us - one experience at a time. 

How would I teach peace, in my own way?






















CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Do you have a message you want to share through your artwork? Shoot us a message for a chance to partner and see your art on matching apparel for the entire family.